WorldCage Campaign

Maze of Roots
where were we again?

After defeating Sephandraga the heroes regroup, rescuing almost a score of Greenwater’s citizens from the cage, among them Johnaby Wran mayor of Greenwater. Most of the remaining survivors are women children, and the elderly all injured and tired from their ordeal and the hard march from Greenwater. Johnaby informs the party That the other groups were taken through the portal by Duergar, who exchanged words and coin with the dragon, in a language he didn’t understand.

Deciding that rest was the best course of action Wren attempted to “lock” the portal down so that everyone could sleep. Wren, Talon, Morte, and Vestri however awakened in a strange location the a stone maze deep underground, with the roots of ancient trees penetrating through the ceiling and walls, and a long double ended key in their possession.

Exploration lead our heroes to a large room and a Gnome named Billibup, informs you that he had guided you through the Maze, (which the characters had seemed adamant about), in regards to finding the prison of the Satyr Kellkari. Upon entering that room Billibup had apparently claimed his payment 6 hours of memories from each of you… give or take a day.

Our heroes navigate the maze learning that the maze was once a fortress designed by Kellkari to focus powerful divination magics at the expense of the natural environment, and for his crimes the ancient trees had imprisoned him here. That also learned their purpose for being here, Wren’s Mysterious Fey Patron wanted them to collect a “future” which Kellkari had apparently won dishonestly from the Fey Lord in a game of chance.

The party manages to escape the maze passing through its challenges, while following fades chalk marks and harnessing divination magic to remember the turns. But as they exited the strange double ended key made a magical pop and the Satyr Kellkari came bounding out after the party now free of his prison. Tackled to the ground Kellkari was more then happy to part with the future for his freedom, his life. The group stared into the crystal ball containing the future seeing themselves older and more battleworn running through dark caverns, a multitude of people running behind them, until water crashed around them and the globe filled with water. Upon seeing that the Heroes collapsed with sleep only to find themselves back in the keep at Greenwater.

Assault on Sephandraga's Lair
In the stoney spire of the Dragon, our adventurers attempt a rescue

Our heroes battle through the winding corridors of Sephandraga’s Lair, fighting off Kobold minions and drakes. Weaving through dastardly Kobold powered trap rooms.

Having fought their way to the top the hero’s confronted the young Green in her home. Bursting out of the thick foliage hanging of the stone the dragon made her stand. Only to find herself forced back towards the ledge. After surviving her memorizing gaze and bursts of dark poison gas, the heroes appeared triumphant, but in a last ditch effort the Dragon smashed the lock holding up her prisoners (a cage full of Greenwater’s survivors) sending it plummeting to the rocks below. While the heroes were occupied stopping the falling cage, Sephandraga made for the portal its energies beginning to coalesce, before they did a blood and crippled iguanadon pounced on her back dragging her down in a death grip.

Things of note.

A set of large empty metal cages with one hanging suspended near the upper levels of the spire.

A statue of Tiamat with the green dragon as the center red.

Kobold shields emblazoned with a two headed green dragon.

A defaced gateway/seal? with a number of ancient Fey-like runes on it. Many crossed out or altered.

The Tablets of Greenwater
Plots begin to be revealed in ancient catacombs beneath Greenwater

Battle within the Dwarven Catacombs

Studying the Tablets

Heading into the Forest of Moonlit Splendor chasing Kobolds who have kidnapped the people of Greenwater.

Captured by Eldarin and forced to reveal their intentions to the heart of the Forest.

Guided by the forest they arrive at the Kobolds lair and battle ensues


Greenwater Fallen
The group transverses the now monster held Greenwater

placeholder for greenwater part 1

New Heroes for the fight!
The return to Longhaven leads to new companions and a greater purpose!

After the cultist escape the party makes the trek back through the Dwarven passage, and back to Longhaven with the remaining bag of ghost lillies. Renna Raysong begins working on medicine that will at least curb the plant’s more toxic properties immediately. Beiro, Wren, Vestri, and Farad collapse after over 2 days without sleep at the Forked Tale Inn.

The next morning a page from Lord Hamill arrives inviting them to breakfast. After checking in at the temple to find Renna had succeeded in creating an antidote and that the young girl Taria and the other people dying of the ghost lily poisoning appeared to be making recoveries.

At the Manor Lord Hamill and Captain Brauns made their introductions, as well as introducing a group of adventurers that had been sent from Amberthrone at the bequest of the King. To discover the source of the sickness that had been affecting the out lying settlements.

Captain Brauns explained what had gone on since the original party had left. How they had sent birds and riders to the nearest villages to warn about the ghost lily in the water supplies, and how they had attempted to round up Thom Rimthorn (see Cult of Torog and his lackey, but while the lackey had been captured Rimthorn had somehow escaped.

And to issues of the riders, they had expected to hear word from the farmers between Greenwater and Longhaven before now but none had come. Lord Hamill asked if the adventurers could investigate. Both Beiro and Farad decided to remain in Longhaven to help the sick and wait to see if any of the other settlements failed to report in. This left Vestri and Wren along with their new companions Sigil, Talon, Morte, and Uriel to head north, and discover Greenwater’s fate.

The Party’s first indication that something was wrong was when they arrived at a meeting house for local farmers about one day out in their travels, the meeting house was empty but it showed signs of a struggle, benches and furniture tosses around the room and splintered. Setting up watch the party settled down for the night only to be awoken by a team of goblin wolf riders. Although it too the party some time to find their rhythm working together the goblins were dispatched, the lone survivor taken hostage for interrogation. The goblin revealed that he and his companions had come from greenwater and had been charged with capturing and people they found and keeping any from escaping. After a heated debate over the goblin’s fate, it made a break for it wounded and missing a eye it did escape and the group let it go, settling in again to make the trek to greenwater in the morning.

The story so far...

An initial band of adventurers arrived in Longhaven, a growing settlement. Quickly they realized all was not right in the community discovering that the town was having its drinking water poisoned with a toxin made from the ghost lily plant. Although not fatal for most many of the townsfolk were sluggish, weakened, and docile.

Set to the task The party discovered that Thom Rimthorn a rattish looking man, and his accomplices had been dumping the extract into water barrels and the River itself, as well as discover that he was a followers of Torog god of Imprisonment and Torture.

Before they could apprehand Thom the party set off on an urgent mission to recover so ghost lily for an antidote at the bequest of the town’s cleric Renna who was caring for those who had begun dying do to a rarer reaction to the toxin, including a sick girl Taria.

The set out to the wilderness trying to track down the rare plant only to fine the the land striped of plantlife where they were told it could be found. Following tracks the party came to a Dwarven ruin that was built as a shortcut under a small mountain. Once inside the Party met hard resistance from the Goblins that had taken up residence inside the complex and the ancient Dwarven traps.

Besting the challenges set before them the Party emerged from the complex just in time to see the bags of ghost lily plants being loaded onto boats. Tactical fighting from the party left the remains of the Hobgoblin Broadscar and gobloid tribe dead, but not before several mysterious darkcloaked figures who had apparently hired the mercenaries for this task escaped in the boat with all the ghost lily…except one bag!


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