Current party finances and possessions



Large garnet worth 70g


2 Healing potions
+1 thundering Great axe (Vestri)
Shield of Bashing (Sigil)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Uriel)

Loot from Sephendraga’s Lair

Cloak of Resistance +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 250 [Neck Slot Items](Talon)
Magic Rod +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 239 [Rod](Wren)
Boots of Spider Climbing (Player’s Handbook, page 246 [Feet Slot Items]
Bag of Holding (Player’s Handbook, page 253 [Wondrous Items]
+1 longsword of terror (Player’s Handbook, page 236 [Magic Weapons](Morte)

708 gp 416 sp 198 cp

4 turqoise gems (100 gp each)
2 jade (100 gp each)
1 amber (100 gp) given to the Tarot witch in the Maze of Roots 1/23

Loot from the maze of roots

A golden scepter that is key shaped on either end.
5 ancient tarnished silver coins

Reward for Helping the Survivors of Greenwater

600gp worth of various small gemsstones.

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Current party finances and possessions

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