Tablets of the Moradin crypts

The Following are the descriptions of the mosaics discovered within the Moradin Catacombs beneath Greenwater.

1) Seem to be depicting battles between the Gods and Primordials for Control of the World.

2) The betrayal of Tharizun the Chained God.

3) Shows the Gods Pleading with a Pale Deity that has horrible wounds upon his legs (believed to be: Torog)

4) missing

5) The next is of Torog looking on as Moradin creates great chains upon his forge!

6) The next is of the gods battling Tharizun as Torog encircles him with chains

7) missing

8) Shows Moradin presenting an enormous black Cage to Torog. Moradin and the other gods looking away in disgust.

9) missing

10) missing


12) Show a Black Warforge , heavily armored with a Huge lower jaw. Cryptic symbols pointing to parts. With arcane magic you can see layers and layers of instructions, layered on the mosaic with magic.

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Tablets of the Moradin crypts

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